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The first female doctor of her generation in 1913, Nadia Payot was a generous woman who asserted her desire very early on to put her knowledge and medical expertise to work for women's beauty.


In 1927, an avant-garde beauty product brand, PAYOT was inspired by plant fragrances and knowledge from the herbalist's shop. It declared its difference and boldness by offering its creams in cases with rounded shapes inspired by the female body.



The PAYOT Research & Development Centre, which brings together dermatologists, pharmacists, chemists, and drug form specialists, has now created a true Dermo-Cosmetics centre. In continuous contact with experts in biology, biochemistry, biotechnologies, bioengineering, and clinical research, it is an enthusiastic team of true experts in their fields. Together, they decipher the secrets of the skin and mysteries of the cells to develop treatments that respond to real beauty issues. Following a quality charter and controls, each development stage is based on strong ethics that inspire and dictate their commitments:



The claims listed on the treatments are always proven through clinical or effectiveness tests conducted by dermatologists to guarantee effectiveness in accordance with the indications.



All treatments are formulated with ingredients rigorously selected through toxicological assessment and tested under usage conditions to guarantee the widest tolerance.



All treatments are developed with a concern for sensorial characteristics and pleasure of use: the comfort of carefully developed textures and subtle doses of very feminine scents are used to offer the best-quality selective care products.